State of the World's Refugees

The State of the World's Refugees is a publication of the UNHCR that is produced every few years. The most recent issue was released in 2012 and is subtitled In Search of Solidarity. The UNHCR has made available a synthesis of the full length book on their website. Follow the link below to view it in PDF. The State of the World's Refugees: In Search of Solidarity

The synthesis summarizes the book's eight chapters, which cover the following topics: conflict, displacement, and 'humanitarian space'; keeping asylum meaningful; unblocking durable solutions; resolving statelessness; protecting the internally displaced; displacement and urbanization; displacement, climate change, and natural disasters; and state responsibility and international solidarity. At only 32 pages, the synthesis is digestible, informative, and may whet your appetite for even more current information on the state of the world's refugees. For that information you can visit UNHCR's current news page, or find the book in its entirety here.

Much has changed in the state of the world's refugees since 2012 and the need is quickly arising for an update. Conflicts have shifted, both in their location and manner of aggression. It could very well be fitting to title the next installment Neutrality in the Face of Religious and Ideological Conflict.

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