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Refugee Ministry & Burnout

For months, the nine refugee resettlement agencies had been waiting to hear if their contracts with the U.S. State Department would be renewed. The Trump administration had said that for the first time, not every organization would be approved to continue resettling refugees. Due to the drastic reduction to only 30,000 resettlement places for Fiscal Year 2019, there would not be enough work for all nine agencies. Month after month, the government delayed their decision, keeping the agencies’ thousands of employees in suspense. Would there be a job for them to do in the coming months? Would they be laid off? Would their organization be able to survive?

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America's True Motives for Welcoming Refugees

Over the past two years, many refugee advocates have urged the U.S. to return to a time in her history when we welcomed refugees simply because it was the right thing to do. They nostalgically recall a time when we welcomed the downtrodden and persecuted as humanitarians, rather than using them as political pawns. Unfortunately, though, what these advocates recall is a myth and not a historical reality. Those who truly care about the plight of more than 25 million refugees around the world, must rightly remember America’s refugee resettlement history if we are to move forward into a more compassionate future.

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