Series: Religion and the Refugee

To find the other installments in this series on religion and the refugee, visit the following links. Religion defines the refugee, religion creates the refugee, religion renews the refugee.  Religion and the refugee. It's really just another way of phrasing the name of this blog: Faith and Forced Migration. In today's climate the subject of religion is taboo - everyone is fascinated by it, but we're not supposed to talk about it. Along with money and politics it forms the trio of things that shouldn't be discussed in polite company. On the other hand, the refugee crisis is a hot button topic, which means that everyone talks about and has an opinion about it, even if they're ill informed. This series, and at a broader level this blog, is an attempt to marry the two, and to leverage the buzz around refugees to launch a sorely needed discussion about religion and its effects on our world. This conversation is for everyone, those spiritual and secular, those politically minded and those minding their own business, those who relish difficult topics and definitely those who dread them. This series will appear in three parts over the next two weeks. We will discuss the following relationships between religion and the refugee.

  •  Religion Defines the Refugee
  • Religion Creates the Refugee
  • Religion Renews the Refugee

Note: To avoid cumbersome qualifications every other sentence, let me clarify that I am aware that not all refugees are religious or even spiritual. However, many, many refugees are and the issues that will be outlined in this series make it abundantly clear that discussions about forced migration must include an understanding of the roles religion plays in it.

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