Refugees in the Bible Ebook

Refugees in the Bible Cover.jpg

Well, friends, today is the day! After lots of hard work, I am so excited to finally release my first ebook here at Faith & Forced Migration! Refugees in the Bible: Understanding Today's Refugee Crisis retells the stories of six biblical refugees and then explains a contemporary refugee situation that closely mirrors each biblical story. Included on the title pages for each of the six chapters are beautiful illustrations done by my dear friend Marli Tague, because what's a good book without pictures, right? Those of you who already subscribe to my newsletter will receive an email today (May 8th) with a link to download the ebook PDF. For those of you who are not subscribers, all you need to do to get a copy of the ebook in your own inbox is sign up for my monthly newsletter! You can find an opt-in form at the bottom of this post or you can visit the subscribe page.

I hope that you find this resource helpful. If you do, I would love to hear your feedback. You can email me at or use the contact page. I enjoyed this process so much and I learned a lot along the way, so I'm definitely planning to write more ebooks in the future. If you are interested in seeing one on a certain topic, let me know!