Refugees Around the World - New Series!

All over the world individuals, families, and sometimes whole tribes or people groups are forced to flee their homes because of persecution. Unfortunately, though, we usually only hear about a very small percentage of those people from the news and mainstream media. In the last year Syrian refugees have been in the spotlight, as well as those risking their lives to travel to Europe. This new series, Refugees Around the World, is a way of filling in the gaps in media coverage of refugees. Roughly once a month, we'll look deeper into a specific, lesser-known conflict that is causing forced migration. I will try to highlight situations that involve an element of religious conflict as well, since this is Faith & Forced Migration. We'll consider the root and history of the conflict, the identity of the victims, the organizations at work in the area, and the locations to which the refugees are fleeing.

Over the next few months I hope to cover some of the following:

Rohingya in Myanmar

South Sudan




If there is a specific conflict you're curious about that is not often covered in mainstream media, let me know in the comments and I can add it to the list!