A Promise for Election Day

Hi friends, Today is Election Day, a day that finds many of us frustrated, worried, or even despondent. Succumbing to these emotions has been even more tempting than usual for those of us who work with refugees and immigrants around the world. This election cycle has been filled with stinging words, false allegations, and blatant fear-mongering. Later today (or early tomorrow morning) we'll find out if fear-filled and factless rhetoric has swayed our nation to vote for a candidate that promotes bunkering down and keeping out everyone different than us ("us" being white middle-class Americans).

The possibility of increased hate crimes, incivility, and racism is very real, regardless of the outcome. Gloating after winning and moping after losing may look very similar. It's easy to give in to anxiety when you're not sure what kind of world you'll wake up to tomorrow (or when you're very sure you already know). You may be worried about the backlash your refugee and immigrant friends might experience in the wake of election day. I certainly am. You may work with refugees or advocate for immigrants and be concerned for your own safety. I'll admit those fears have certainly crossed my mind.

So I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of a promise in Scripture that has comforted me today. I've featured it in the image above. Take a moment to read it - maybe out loud. Are you thinking of a particular refugee or immigrant friend? Replace "foreigner" with their name. God has promised to protect our refugee and immigrant friends. He will frustrate the plans of anyone who wants to harm them. Instead of excessively worrying, I am choosing to rest in this promise on election day, as well as every uncertain day afterward.

Note: If you would like to share this image on social media or use it as wallpaper on your computer or phone, please feel free to do so as long as you do not edit the image in any way. Thank you.