If you have visited this little corner of the internet before, you probably knew it as For several years I wrote here almost exclusively about refugees and immigration, and how Christians can respond biblically to the challenges of forced migration in the world. You can find links to a lot of those thoughts organized on my resource page.

Recently, though, life experiences have led me to expand the boundaries of what I discuss through the words I write here. I have lived with fibromyalgia a chronic pain condition, since I was 16, and along with it has come challenges with anxiety and depression. I believe this messiness in my own story gives me a unique perspective on the world, and I am convinced to keep chasing beauty in the midst of difficulty.

So, I’ve spent the past few months giving my website a makeover, and as of this weekend, is now! I’m really excited for this new stage of my writing journey, and I hope you will continue to learn along with me.

Here’s what you can expect from my new blog and website.

I’m still writing about refugees! You joined this learning family because of your interest in refugees, so don’t worry, there will still be plenty of updates and thoughts about that. And you can find all my best resources on refugees compiled on this page.

Thoughts on faith & culture. I am fascinated by discussions at the intersection of faith and culture. I hope you will enjoy learning along with me as I write more about living out our faith in the messiness of daily life.

Get to know me better. I am learning so much in my personal and spiritual life (and unlearning some other things!). I plan to begin sharing more of these lessons and I hope they will be an encouragement to you as well.

If you have any questions about the change, or are encouraged by anything you find here, please drop a comment below or send me a message here. I’m looking forward to learning together with you!