In Hiding: A Poem For Refugees

In Hiding: A Message to Refugees from the North American Church

I wrote this poem for refugees, to apologize to them for the ways that the Christian church does not imitate Jesus, but also to assure them that not all Christians are the same and that some of us are striving to love and serve refugees as we learn from their experiences. I hope that both refugees in hiding and Christians in hiding will encounter Christ-followers who are boldly acting as the hands and feet of Jesus, even when it's not popular. Share this with your churches and believing friends, and if they are convicted to learn more about refugees point them to this book for more information.

We say we're the hands and feet of Jesus but when you arrived most of our hands and feet were in hiding. There are 65 million of you running hiding and the only thing we have in common: we know how to hide too.

Behind doors with our hands raised worshiping Someone who only hid so He could be lifted up a beacon for the hiding running suffering.

We haven't quite mastered that part yet. Sorry.

We see you as a threat. Your obvious need could be cover for sinister motives.

We forget that Jesus didn't question Nicodemus in the night He was just happy to see him.

We forget that Jesus had to go through Samaria.

We're sorry sorry that more of us aren't happy you're here excited to know you hear your stories share ours challenged to learn from your running hiding to rejoice in the freedoms we now share.

We're not all hiders or worse hostile to your culture religion identity.

Some of us have hands that want to hold yours feet that want to share your journey

If we both stop hiding maybe we'll find each other.

Image Source: Wikimedia