What's Next? Thoughts on the Election

Thoughts on the Election

I had something else planned for this week's post, but after the results of last Tuesday I've just needed some time to process. Most of those who work with refugees and immigrants are understandably concerned about what the future holds for the people we serve. Many of our friends are frightened and looking to us for answers.

What do we say?

That question has been especially difficult for me as a white evangelical Christian. 80 percent of my demographic voted for Trump, while the other 20 percent were adamantly opposed to his rhetoric and policies. This election has revealed a huge divide in America, but it has also revealed a gaping wound within the American evangelical Church, and it is that division that breaks my heart. Once again, the majority of evangelicals chose to vote on the basis of what they are against, instead of what they are for. We decided that the fight against certain kinds of injustice (read: abortion) was more important than the unity of the Church. The election is over now, so I won't continue to beat a dead horse. Now it is time to move forward - time to devote ourselves again to the unity of the Body of Christ.

This website and my work with refugees and immigrants is my way of doing just that. Even though my position on immigration may sometimes be unpopular with my fellow Christians, I will not change my message. I will continue to study what the Bible says about how we should treat the foreigner among us, and I will seek to train the Church to welcome the stranger in practical ways. My hope is that slowly, but surely, the Church will grow in biblical knowledge and theological understanding of immigration, until our actions, including the votes we cast, reflect what Scripture says.

Coming Up For the Holidays

I'm looking forward to the holiday season and wanted to let you all know what I have coming for the blog in the next few weeks. In addition to the usual articles on current events, I am planning a series that will highlight ways for you to show hospitality to your refugee friends during the holidays. Every family has special traditions, and I hope that more families will make welcoming the stranger part of their holiday celebration. Next week we'll kick off the series with an amazing list of ideas for how to welcome refugees in the coming weeks. To make sure you don't miss it, you can subscribe using the form below.