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If you have visited this little corner of the internet before, you probably knew it as For several years I wrote here almost exclusively about refugees and immigration, and how Christians can respond biblically to the challenges of forced migration in the world. You can find links to a lot of those thoughts organized on my resource page.

Recently, though, life experiences have led me to expand the boundaries of what I discuss through the words I write here. I have lived with fibromyalgia a chronic pain condition, since I was 16, and along with it has come challenges with anxiety and depression. I believe this messiness in my own story gives me a unique perspective on the world, and I am convinced to keep chasing beauty in the midst of difficulty.

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Advocacy and the Democratic Process

As a child, I traveled to Washington D.C. like many American school children do, to visit the historic seat of our country's government. I toured the Capitol building, staring up in awe at the ceiling of the rotunda, and admiring the gilded hallways leading to the House and the Senate. I visited every memorial on the National Mall, reading quotes from our Founding Fathers about the merits of democracy. But I never actually learned that I could play a significant role in the democratic process as an American citizen. I never learned how to call or write to my Representative or Senators, so I didn't realize that my opinions mattered to them.

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An Interview with Jessica Udall

Today, I'm thrilled to share an interview with Jessica Udall, whose book, Loving the Stranger, I reviewed last month. Jessica and I have been getting to know each other through email for the last few months, and I am constantly encouraged by her heart for immigrants and her commitment to enthusiastically sharing practical resources and tips for those who want to get involved with welcoming strangers.

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Refugees in the Bible: An Overview

Even though the term ‘refugee’ has only been formally defined in the last century, families and individuals have been fleeing persecution, natural disasters, and war for thousands of years. There are many stories of these ancient refugees in the Bible. Through their experiences we can learn a lot about how we should treat refugees today.

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