5 Awesome Refugee Infographics

Usually I create my own refugee infographics at the end of every month (for example, see May, June, and July's refugee infographics), however, this month has been incredibly busy for me with the continuing education course I took on refugee resettlement and moving into a new apartment. So, all that to say, this month's infographic post will not be a post I've created myself, but rather a curation of what I think are the best 5 refugee infographics created by other people. I've organized them according to specificity, so the refugee infographics that provide information about all refugees are listed first, followed by resources that focus on the European refugee crisis, and finally, a survey of different countries' attitudes toward refugees. Ready? Then let's get to it! 1. The Refugee Project

The Refugee Project is an interactive infographic that brings UN data to life through a "narrative, temporal map of refugee migrations since 1975." It provides an excellent visual of how much refugee flows have grown over the last 40 years and drives home the weighty reality of millions of individuals around the world who have been forced to flee their homes.

2. Stepping Beyond the Tents by gmi.org

Here is one of 5 amazing refugee infographics that you can explore right this way!

This is one of the best traditional refugee infographics I've seen floating around on the internet over the past two years. It was created for World Refugee Day 2015, so some of the statistics may be a bit outdated, but overall the countries refugees are fleeing from and the processes that get them where they are going have not changed. This infographic was created by a Christian company, so it also includes some great suggestions for helping refugees, which makes it the perfect infographic to share with your church or small group!

3. Lucify: The Flow Towards Europe

This is another interactive time lapse infographic map (can you tell I love these?) that specifically focuses on refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers who are reaching Europe. It was last updated August 9, 2016, and is updated regularly, which makes it an amazing resource. The data it covers begins in January 2012 and gives an overwhelming visual of how many people are seeking refuge in Europe. My only critique of this infographic is that it does not provide a way to show how many people are traveling to Europe in comparison to the existing populations of European countries. Without that comparison this infographic can look like an "invasion" of Europe, when in reality the moving dots only constitute around 1% of Europe's entire local-born population.

4. The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

Chances are high that if you're interested in refugees then you have seen this video already, and though it doesn't technically fit into the category of refugee infographics, it explains the refugee crisis so well, that I had to include it anyway (and it is like an animated infographic, so that's my justification). Again, this video was created in September of 2015, so some of the numbers and statistics in the beginning are slightly out of date, however, the second half of the video is still completely relevant and important information.

5. Amnesty International Refugees Welcome Survey

Last, but not least, let's shift from the facts of the refugee crisis to how ordinary individuals are responding to the refugee crisis. Amnesty International conducted a survey this past spring that polled 27,000 individuals from 27 countries in order to determine which countries were most willing to welcome refugees. Keep in mind that this survey measures the attitudes of ordinary citizens, not the official policies of the states. The results were both surprising and encouraging and are presented in a series of graphs and charts. Check them out at the link above.

So, there you have it - 5 amazing refugee infographics that you can use for your own reference or (even better) share with your friends, family, and acquaintances through social media. If you are on Twitter, just click the box below to tweet this article and follow me @refugee_review. You can also like my Facebook page for more great refugee news!

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