2016's Most Popular Blog Posts

2016 was quite the year for those working in the refugee and immigration fields. Numbers of those displaced continued to increase around the world, Syrian refugee resettlement became a central issue in the 2016 US presidential election, and a record number of migrants and asylum seekers lost their lives in the Mediterranean. Most importantly, 2016 was a year of fresh opportunities for the global Church to live out the biblical command to welcome the stranger. In that regard 2017 will be no different. So, in order to commemorate last year and prepare us for this new year, here are three of 2016's most popular blog posts here at Faith & Forced Migration.  

The holidays can be an especially lonely time for refugee, so here is a list of 30 ideas for welcoming refugee during the holidays.

While you may not need to reference this post until the holidays roll around again, I would highly recommend bookmarking it so you'll have it on hand. I hope this list of ideas inspired you to find ways to welcome refugees into your home, not only during December, but every month of the year. If you liked this post and would like me to compile a generic list of ideas for welcoming refugees, let me know!






Migrants in Tijuana are "trapped at the border" and in need of assistance and compassion.

This was our second most popular post of 2016 and highlights the migrant crisis in Tijuana that is primarily affecting Haitians. Gabriel is a pastor there and in this post he outlines the biblical basis for welcoming the stranger and shares how his own church is seeking to obey that command. Support his church by reading this post if you haven't already!







Finally, one of 2016's most popular blog posts, and one of our most searched for series, is our series on refugees in the Bible. While the installment on refugees in the Old Testament was the most popular by page views, they are all very informative and best read together.I am planning to revamp and expand on this series in 2017 so that even more people can learn what the Bible says about refugees. For now, though, here are the links to current posts.


2016 was an exciting year of growth here at Faith & Forced Migration; thank you to all our readers who have read these blog posts and shared them with others - we couldn't do it without you!